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Coaching for high-performance leaders

 This is for you if:   

  • You're ambitious

  • You have a growth mindset

  • You built a track record and reputation of success

  • You're optimistic, but keep a firm grip on reality

  • Other people are looking to you for guidance and direction

  • You want some help from a high-performance coach

 You're facing one or more of these challenges:   

  • You're pushing towards a big goal but don't know exactly how you'll get there

  • You want to build your own brand of leadership

  • You want to gain clarity about the future

  • Your calendar is packed and you're getting burnt out

  • You want to identify and break the habits that are holding you back

The only 3 problems you'll ever face as a leader

You're a high-performance leader. As you get more successful, it can feel like you're dealing with a million different types of problems. In reality, there are only three that you'll ever face. You can take solace in the fact that your situation is much more simple than it feels, but it will take mastery of these three skills to unlock your true leadership potential. 



Know what needs to be done.



Maximize technology, systems, and talent to make accomplishing your priorities easy. 



Establish accountability, measure, and follow-through.

Got Leadership challenges? You're not alone.


of organizations reported that their leaders were not ready to lead their organizations into the future.


of organizations said that targeted development for all leader levels is important or very important.


of those same organizations had implemented a solution for all levels.


of organizations had taken the time to define their unique leadership requirements.

Source: 2015 Brandon Hall Group


How to start working with me

Step 1:

complete the assessment

Click "Get Started!" to complete the high-performance leadership assessment and see if you're the right fit for coaching.

Step 2:

Discovery Call

Next, you and I will share a discovery conversation to dive into your assessment to get crystal clear on what you are trying to accomplish.

Step 3:

CO-Create the roadmap

If we both agree that you're the right fit for high-performance coaching, we'll co-create a roadmap that gets you where you want to go. Then it's time to execute!


let's work together

The first step is to click one of those fancy green "Get Started!" buttons to book a free Leadership Strategy Session. Based on the results of that call, I'll compile the best options to help you maximize your time and unlock your team's potential. These are the foundations for how we can work together.

Coaching For Individuals

Are you a high-performance leader looking to take your game to the next level? I'll be your strategic partner to help you see over the horizon and build a plan that charts a path through unknown territory.  It's a process that helps you operate as your very best self. 

Coaching For Groups

Are you looking to set direction for your company? My group coaching strategic action planning will help your senior leadership team engage in a collaborative process that unifies the team and jumpstarts implementation.  It's not like anything else out there.


Are you trying to convey a leadership concept to a huge group of people? I push boundaries, include the audience, and provoke thought in a way that people will discuss and quote long after they leave the room.


What makes Apollo Strategy so different?

You work in a disruptive, fast-paced world where time is a precious resource. It can't be wasted on fluffy, philosophical leadership approaches that don't deliver tangible results. I draw on the battle-tested leadership principles that I learned when I became an Army Special Forces Green Beret.

Sure... I'm a hilarious, highly accomplished and experienced leadership badass. But, this isn't about me. It's about you. Think of me as the Yoda to your Luke. I'm here to help you reach your goals with clarity and confidence.

The best way to understand the tangible benefits of working with me is to experience it firsthand. Click "Get Started!" and we'll share a discovery conversation.  

Apollo Emeka
Coach & Founder

 I envision a world where everyone reaches their full potential for good. 

Core Values 


Take decisive action in the face of fear.



Be thoughtful and deliberate in that action.


Be you.


Be empathetic and bring people together.


To help people reach their full potential by delivering innovative individual and group coaching experiences.

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